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So what makes Stewart the Celebrant different?… well I get to know my couples really well so that on the day of the wedding, it should feel like an old friend conducting your wedding ceremony…this has been commented many times at my weddings. I believe that no two wedding ceremonies should ever be the same…because no two couples are ever the same!

My focus is on fun, energy, the sharing and spreading of love and involving all of the guests, so that they don’t only feel like they are AT your wedding…but they are A PART of your wedding!

A good wedding should be a bit like a rollercoaster, one minute you should be laughing… then you should be crying…then you should be laughing again! And if I can get people laughing and crying at the same time – I know I’ve done my job!

It’s all about you!

Stewart can often be found delivering a ceremony from the centre of the aisle, in the heart of the action, amongst all of your guests! This is because on the day of the ceremony, it is not about him at all…it’s all about his couples, about their love story, their past…their present…their hopes and dreams for the future and so, that is where the focus should be! Stewart puts his couples at the heart of everything he does.


Stewart has SO many ways of personalising wedding ceremonies and making them stand out from all the other boring weddings you might have been to!

One of those things he likes to do is called ‘secret vows’ where the couples write their own vows to each other…send them to Stewart, and then they are only heard by the couple for the very first time on the day!

Keeping the element of romance and surprise alive – even for the couple! We should no longer have to say. ‘TO HAVE AND TO HOLD, IN GOOD TIMES AND IN BAD, IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH, TILL DEATH DO US PART’ if that does not suit you as a couple! With Stewart believing that it should be changed to ‘TILL DEATH DO US PARTY!!!’


I have gained a huge following on Instagram (stewart_the_celebrant) and all of this has been down to my personal hashtag #goodbyeboringwedding

Goodbye Boring Wedding is exactly what Stewart aims to achieve with his couples… The ONLY rule with a Stewart the Celebrant ceremony… is that there are NO RULES! The BIG WIN for the couple is that they choose me as their Celebrant.

Stewart has conducted weddings in everything from Manor Houses… A Brewery… Stately Homes… Rustic Barns… Outdoor spaces… and even at Hampton Court Palace.

Here is what a recent couple, Christopher and Ian had to say of their experience of working with Stewart….


From the moment we started talking to Stewart we knew that we were in the safest of hands. He charms, he smiles, he hugs and you soon have a sense that he is a close friend who you have known all of your life. Stewart didn’t just listen to what we said, he really listened. He asked the right questions and we felt completely safe to share the information with him. From here on Stewart carefully guided us and our ceremony took its own unique shape.

Now Stewart is a storyteller and a master of his craft. The ceremony he created had the makings of a bestseller. He carried our guests with him as he turned the pages, setting the scene with us his grooms as the main characters and himself without doubt the narrator. There were plots and intrigue aplenty as twists and other characters wove in and out of the narrative. Laughter rang and tears rolled, as our story was brought right up to date, leaving our guests eager for the sequel.

We were all blown away by the ceremony, Stewart’s unique and wonderful delivery and how evident it was that he genuinely cared for us.
He moved so comfortably around the courtyard at Firle Place, and for the duration of the occasion this was his world and we were all extremely welcome guests.

The ceremony was for everyone the highlight of the day. loved for the inclusivity and likened to a West End production.
Wonderful memories to last a lifetime.


So, with one couple at a time, Stewart is changing the landscape of the norm in the wedding world, putting choice back into the couples’ hands, telling their love story in a fun and authentic way, breaking tradition, ditching the rule book and encouraging everybody to say… #goodbyeboringwedding


Stewart also has a wardrobe of fabulous suits that he wears to his ceremonies, another trademark of his business that has gained attention! (though he is running out of room in the wardrobe).


If you’re already married, there is always the option of renewing your vows, which Stewart also offers… basically if there is love to be shared… if there is a reason to put on a fabulous suit and bring people together… Stewart is your man!

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