Just as Stewart is passionate about personalising weddings, the same can be said for funerals, they should all be focused on the person, what we have learnt from them, what we loved about them, and what we will miss the most about them!

Because of this, Celebrant led funerals are proving to be the direction families feel most comfortable with.


‘A funeral is not a day in a lifetime…it is a lifetime in a day’


“Over the past few years, Stewart has conducted hundreds of meaningful funeral ceremonies, helping those in need to find the right words…when they have no words of their own – an incredibly rewarding role that he carries out with so much pride, making him the ‘go to’ choice of Celebrant, for many Funeral Directors in the Brighton & Sussex area.

Lots of people ask, isn’t this depressing… and the answer is absolutely not!
To be invited into a family when they are at the lowest point in their lives, and to help them see the light, when they only feel darkness, to guide them through the funeral process, is such an honour.”


I will share your loved one’s story in the most respectful, dignified and meaningful way, and the ultimate goal is that for the time we spend together celebrating them, honouring their life… it should feel like they are right there with us.

We cannot change what has happened, and so many times I wish I could, but what we can change, and influence is how we remember them… and how we celebrate them…. and that is where I come in.


It occurred to me that at so many funerals, so much time was spent talking about the person…’X did this…X did that…X grew up here…X went to school here’ – but if we change our point of focus, and talk to that person, it changes the dynamic of a funeral instantly and we end up with something much more special.

For those last few moments, they are still with us…so why not speak to them? I sometimes encourage my families to write Farewell letters to their loved ones, which I often read on their behalf – sometimes it really helps on your journey through grief, to get all those feelings and emotions that are bottled up inside of you, out into the open, off your chest.

I have attended funerals in the past and it was almost like the person we were celebrating were not there…We only get one chance to get a funeral right, and for my families, I want to create a new memory for them, one to replace the old one of the difficult times they have experienced leading up to the passing of their loved one.

A new memory of warmth that can help make them smile again…smile in the memory of their lost loved one.

And so, #hellomeaningfulfuneral was born.


I am here to assist your family in whatever direction your lost loved ones funeral arrangements go, be that at a crematorium, graveside burial, a natural burial ground, or to officiate at the interment of ashes.

I am there to guide and support you along every step of the way.

My focus will always be on giving them the send-off, they so truly deserve.

I am always touched that even in their time of grief, families still take the time to get in touch afterwards, and here is just a selection of what some of them had to say of their experience with me…


Sitting next to Mum in the chapel, I could see how she was hanging on to every word you said and agreeing with you in places. You really reached her. In the days after she has said “there was a really nice man and I want to say thank you to him”. That was you! She said it was amazing how well you knew Dad and that it felt like you were just speaking to her.

To me it feels as though she experienced the ceremony in the same way as she would have done had she not had dementia. Every day she reads through the script of the ceremony, and it helps her have a memory of the funeral. So, thank you from Mum.


“I’m finding it hard to express how happy my family are with how dads leaving do went. You should be extremely proud of the service you provide. Your words and delivery are extraordinary. I can only describe the service as a picture/painting with words. When I think back to yesterday, I don’t feel sad, it makes me smile. My dad would have been so proud.

My mum remembers all the lovely things you were saying about her soul mate.
The Funeral Director sang your praises as a celebrant, but I must admit I was unaware of what a genius you are at your craft.”


“I had to drop you a note to thank you again for making yesterday’s ceremony so special. The structure and your own words (and delivery) made it genuinely a celebration of Mum’s life, rather than a sad retrospective.

All I can say is had she been sitting in the back row she would have approved and found it difficult to find fault. And you know by now, that is praise indeed!”

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